DrugAbacus provides a way of thinking about the how to price drugs. This interactive tool takes more than 50 cancer drugs and lets you compare the company’s price to one based on value.


Answer short questions.

Assign numbers to each component of value for a drug.


View your results.

DrugAbacus will show you the results and compare your Abacus prices to the drugs’ actual prices.


Make adjustments.

Use the pricing components at the bottom of the tool to see how the values affect drug prices.

Ready to try DrugAbacus?

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About the Evidence Driven Drug Pricing Project

Dr. Peter B. Bach

The Evidence Driven Drug Pricing Project is led by Dr. Peter Bach in an effort to highlight the on-going problem of rising drug prices. Dr. Peter B. Bach, Director of Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Center of Health Policy and Outcomes, is a physician, epidemiologist, researcher, and respected healthcare policy expert, whose work focuses on the cost and value of anticancer drugs.

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